HDMI Dual (EF-HD-02)
EasyFace HDMI faceplate is a unique faceplate with double HDMI connectivity. This single HDMI Faceplate can be mounted on the wooden wall partition, under the table or on the podium to provide high definition AV signals as an input. EF-HD-02 can also be used as output port for multimedia information display. Or can be used as one in and one out or can be used as loop in loop out facility.
Main Features:
  • Signal  in or out LED indication
  • Both side Female HDMI connector
  • Rugged PCB mounting
  • Screws for wooden partition are provided
  • Matt  black velvet finish powder coated to match almost any ambiance or furniture
  • Non Powered
  • Faceplate Size: 8.5cm (w) x 8.5cm (h) x 3.0cm (d)
  • Panel or partition cut out size: 4.5cm (w)  x 7cm (h)
  • Weight: 115 g including packing for single unit. 
4 x screws for wooden partition