IFP-01 (EasyFace no soldering)
EasyFace VGA Audio Faceplate is a unique faceplate which comes with the VGA and Stereo Audio (3.5mm) connectivity which can be mounted on the wooden partition or can be mounted under the table below or on the podium or can be fixed in the wall. Very neatly finished with velvet black powder coating.

EasyFace makes your installation easy in case of long distance multimedia display or in case of digital display solutions with Audio.
Make Installations Most Easy
Easy Face is the easiest way to connect or terminate VGA and Audio connectors as there is a captive screw connectivity to connect your VGA and Audio connectors, which makes your installation solder free and faster than ever.
VGA Audio connection at 1/2 cost
EasyFace is solder less patch panel which enables any non technical person to terminate loose VGA and Audio cables behind the faceplate! In turn you save lot of time at customer end and you do not require a trained engineer who knows the soldering.
Installation combination
“In wall, On Wall, Wooden Partition, below the table, Podium etc.”
  • VGA (RGBHV) input
  • Input Signals : Analog RED, Green, Blue, H & V-sync
  • Sync Signal : TTL Compatible
  • Audio : 3.5mm female stereo jack
  • VGA in (15 pin D sub Female) for input
  • VGA Out (6 pin phoenix captive screw terminal block)
  • Audio in (3.5mm stereo female jack)
  • Audio out (3 pin phoenix captive screw terminal block)
  • 75Ω termination point (3 numbers) for RGB

Faceplate : 85mm x 85mm x 50mm (8.5cm x 8.5cm x 5cm) (WxHxD)
Cut-out size : 4.5cm (W) x 6.5cm (H)


Dull Black, Powder Coated, Velvet finished with white text marking

Packing :
  • Faceplate for VGA & Audio connectivity – 1 no.
  • Dual Module Gang Box for in wall or on wall installation – 1 no.
  • Black Anodized Screw for Face plate – 1 set
  • Silver Screw for Faceplate – 1 set
  • Screw for Direct wooden Installation – 1 set