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At EasyFace, we try to manage people’s lives with lesser junk and clutter of cable seen on the table or in the rack-space or on the wall and behind the LCD. Our unique Faceplates help people to connect to their remote displays and wiring junctions without having to plug-in and plug-out too many cables, which is a biggest headache for any operator.

Moreover, our IFP-01 (VGA Audio) plate comes with Terminal Type Phoenix connectors, which give you the ease of solder-less connectivity!!!

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VGA Audio Face Plate – Without soldering
VGA Audio connection at 1/2 cost
EasyFace is solder less patch panel which makes any non technical person enable to terminate loose VGA and Audio cables behind the faceplate! In turn you save lot of time at customer end and you do not required a trained engineer who knows the soldering.
  • VGA (RGBHV) input
  • Input Signals: Analog RED, Green,
    Blue, H & V-sync
  • Sync Signal: TTL Compatible
  • Audio : 3.5mm female stereo jack